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Welcome to NALS of Detroit's Online Reference Center. Click on any link listed below to access the Internet tool of your choice. To recommend an online tool that you would like to see here, or if any of the links to the tools shown below do not work properly, please click the link at the bottom of this page to contact our Webmaster.

  • Acronym Search
  • From AAA to ZIP - Find out in an instant what those initials represent.

  • Amortization Calculator
  • Need to calculate interest and/or payments on a loan or mortgage. It's available here!

  • Area Code Search
  • Have a phone number but you're unsure of the area code? Check it out here!

  • Babel Fish Translation
  • Translates many languages from one to another, English to Spanish, Italian to French, etc.

  • Company Profiles
  • This subscription site's "Free Area" offers a lot of information on American Companies and their background.

  • Consumer Reports
  • Whether you're buying something for the office or home, obtain valuable information from this site's "Free Area" before making your purchase.

  • Currency Converter
  • Calculate the current value of the American Dollar in several other foreign currencies. (Or vice-versa).

  • Date Calculator
  • Easily calculate the exact number of days between any two dates of your choice.

  • Dictionary & Thesaurus
  • If you can't find the word here, it probably doesn't exist!

  • Grammar & Punctuation Guide!
  • Have a common question about grammar or punctuation? Chances are the answer is here.

  • Healthfinder
  • The government's web site for answering your health and medical questions.

  • Law Dictionary
  • Need a definition for a legal term? This is probably has what you're looking for.

  • Metric Converter
  • Convert inches to centimeters, liters to gallons, miles to kilometers, plus many others.

  • Perpetual Calendar
  • Not sure what day a particular date falls on? Find any Month in any Year from 1 to 3999.

  • Reverse Telephone Look-up
  • Have a phone number but don't know to whom it belongs? This is a good place to start looking.

  • Social Security Death Index
  • Need a birth date, death date or social security number for a deceased individual.

  • Statutory Interest Rates - Michigan
  • Find a Michigan Statutory Interest Rate on a Money Judgment - January 1987 through July 2010.

  • Time Around the World
  • Need the exact time in Anchorage, Hong Kong, Timbuktu. . . or any place in-between? All times are calculated to the nearest 100th of a second.

  • Urban Legend Detector
  • Want to verify whether the e-mail you just received is legitimate or just another hoax? Check it out here!

  • The Weather Channel
  • Need to know the weather conditions for your vacation destination, or perhaps your hometown? Complete forecasts available here!

  • Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia
  • Obtain information on any subject. From Aardvark to Zymology, it's all here!

  • Zip Code Look-Up
  • Obtain the 9-digit zip code for any address in the United States.
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